South Korea



Seoul is the tenth largest city in the world. In his past and future are combined in an amazing way. For its rich history witness the ancient palaces, temples, and arches, while shiny skyscrapers and busy traffic creates a pulsating picture of a typical twenty-first-century metropolis.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and its political, economic and cultural center. The population numbers 11 million inhabitants. Irresistible urbanization and increasing the number of cars led to severe air pollution and the formation of a permanent smog over the city during the 80s and 90s of the last century. As in Tokyo, however, and works in Seoul a special program to combat atmospheric pollution which has led to considerable success. Today Seoul is an unusually clean city, which is partly rooted in the ancient norms and rules of behavior (eg ban on food consumption in public places outside catering). visa validity saudi arabia

Those who pollute the streets are fined by the authorities with one of the largest fines in the world – 70 thousand won (about $ 100). Seoul City Hall has broad authority to use the financial resources of the city, which reflects favorably on the environment.

Until recently, Hwang was monstrous river polluted by municipal and industrial waste. Today it meets all standard for purity of water is an essential element of the green area of ​​the capital.

The image of Seoul is created by towering mountains in the central region NAMSA and Hwang river, which divides the city into the north (historical) part and a modern south. An important landmark is the Yoido Island, where the administrative center of the metropolis. NAMSA Mountain (265 m above sea level) is a granite rock, pierced by three tunnels connecting the north and south of the city. In the past, the river Hwang served as defensive line of the city. Since the mid-twentieth century, the rapid development of megacities leads to the expansion of its territory to the south.

For tourists, the most interesting is the central and northern regions of the city. Earlier this was your favorite places and royal courtiers – now in this territory are the most beautiful sights of Seoul. It houses the survivors of the royal officials give this part of town a unique color. Undoubtedly the most valuable historical monuments of Seoul are palaces of Joseon Dynasty, who were called to reinforce the power of the ruling dynasty, and now continue to emit splendor and magnificence.

All are built near the Old Town, which territory is bounded by the southern, eastern and northern city gates, which are part of the defensive walls built in the fourteenth century. Today, all four surviving palaces in Seoul in Joseon Dynasty have been turned into museums and are open to visitors.

Among other tourist attractions in Seoul to mark the National Museum, the Museum of Folk Art, Museum of Folklore at the University and the Museum of Seyong war. Yoido Island, also called Korean “Manhattan” is the most important center of the country. Around the palace, Plaza You are typical of modern city buildings: the National Assembly, the corporate headquarters of LG, the building of the Seoul Stock Exchange, the radio-television corporation “Minerva” and others. The highest gear and prominent landmark in Seoul is the famous “KLI 63″ – 63-story building of the insurance company that is also located on the island.

Remarkably, and Olympic Stadium, holding 100,000 spectators, which is the subject of pride for Koreans in connection with the recognition of their international status and the right to organize Olympic Games in 1988 was this Olympics was an unusually important event with Korea build his image as a democratic country, not a police state.

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South Korea

The country of South Korea is really one of the most beautiful destinations for Asia Travel. The tradition, the industrialization, and the modern architecture are showing the power of the country and the high quality of living there. The city of Pusan (or also called Busan) is the largest port city and the sea capital of the country.

The city has about 4 million citizens and the whole metropolis is really impressive is the size. The city is situated on several hills between Korean Strait and Nakdong River. This definitely is one of the most picturesque places of the industrialization.

The city of Pusan has a large number of skyscrapers, which are built among the natural beauty of the place. Definitely, this place will impress you with the high mega high-rise buildings, which are all over the city. Of course one of the places, which you should visit in the city is the Lotte Super Tower, which will be completed in 2013 and will become the largest building of the world with its 510 meters hight. Of course, this is not everything, which you may see in South Korea, because among the hills is Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, which is a sacred place, which has a long history and usually attracts the tourists from all over the world. The city is really filled with places, which will attract you and you will be impressed by the sightseeings, just like the Island of Yeongdo-gu, which is a really great natural wonder.

Another sightseeing of the city of Pusan is the Taejongdae, which is a park with a beautiful view of the ocean and the islands. Definitely, the park is highly attractive for the kids and parents, because it offers a lot of places for games, sports activities, and picnics.

Pusan South Korean people, who prefer beaches can enjoy the Haeundae, which is the most beautiful South Korean shore. Definitely, the city will give even more attractions for the tourists, as there are perfect nightlife, restaurants, cafes, and malls. In any case, Pusan will make your journey a real entertainment.

But however, this metropolis is not just an entertainment center, but an important port and business center of the country. The large port is one of the most important industrial facilities of the country and the large Haeundae-gu business center is the place, where the economy of the city and administration is situated and getting the important decisions.
The business in South Korea is a really important part of the world economy, as the country is a large exporter of gadgets, technology, and other tools. Also, the shipyard of the country is producing some of the largest ships of the world, which is important for the South Korean industry.

Definitely, if you like large cities and want to see the star of the industrialization, you should visit Pusan. This is the place, where the modern city-life meets the beautiful entertainments.